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Christmas cards with the Dunhams!

The Dunhams, my dear friends and neighbours, needed christmas card photos and I was their gal!  It also happened to be a great excuse to take our dogs out for some exercise in the brisk December air.  We walked down the Carter Meadows trail at Sunkhaze National Wildlife Refuge and watched the ‘pups’ run excitedly down the trail and back.  Dale, their adorable and excitable yellow lab was the most difficult client I’ve had so far, but at least he stayed true to his character!  I’m hoping they’ll give me more practice taking photos of him as I think its excellent experience!

Thanks, Dunhams, for another wonderful morning!

[Click on the first photo to see a few more from their gallery at my website!]






The H’s

I got the call from a family friend.  “Would you be able to take photos of the family?”  Before the phone was even disconnected I was grabbing my camera bag and slinging it on my shoulder.   Although we were outside after peak foliage we had surprisingly mild and pleasant November weather.  Cole, the little chap, was as energetic as a 5-year-old could be and was obsessed with a stick he found.  In fact, it was difficult to not snap a shot without his “sword”.  His sister was the epitome of adorable and was extremely photogenic.  My favorite part of the day, however, was seeing the gentle and loving way Mum and Dad adored their children.


If you would like to see more of the H’s shoot, click the first photo to go to their album on my website.  Thanks again for stopping by!!


Taylor & Charles Engagement!

Taylor and Charles are friends of LeAnne and Steve (whom I took engagement photos for), liked my work and so asked me to do their wedding photos.  They recently told me they were going to have a barn wedding which is my absolute favorite venue for weddings.  I LOVE rustic, country weddings.   I couldn’t be more excited.  Today we went to Treworgy Apple Orchard in Levant, Maine to take their engagement photos.  I found the best part of the shoot to be the laughter that filled each shot.  Charles is such a joker and had both Taylor, LeAnne and I in fits the entire afternoon.

I can’t wait to take their wedding photos next September.  It will be a beautiful occasion full of love, laughter and happily ever afters.

Click on the first photo to take you to my site and see their entire shoot!  Thanks again for stopping by!



September has been exceedingly busy.  Perhaps thats the reason my last post was the first day of the month and this is the last.

I got to photograph a friends children as they played outside.  Their mother gave great inspiration about props and poses and by the end of the shoot, I even had little Owen smiling.  I’ve also just been enjoying taking photos of areas around Milford.  Check them out below and again, see more at my website.

Kim & Jonah’s Engagement!

Once again I am lucky enough to have good friends who trust me enough to get behind the camera and capture some of the colours of the relationship.  Kim & Jonah asked me to shoot their engagement photos for their upcoming November wedding and boy was I excited!  My last post was from the location I had scoped out and thought we would go to, but we scraped it at the last minute and instead went to Leonard Mills in Bradley, Maine.  We went in the fading evening light which only amplified the rustic atmosphere of the University of Maine’s historic gem.

I hadn’t met Jonah yet and was quite excited to meet the hunk that had quickly stolen my friends affections and heart.  As you can tell from the photos, theirs is a love that is genuine, and there is something more peaceful beneath all the smiles that I rarely see in couples.






At one point during the shoot Jonah asked me if I had seen Kim this happy before and I felt stumped.  When had I seen her positively beaming before?  It was a difficult question, but I was glad to see that he really is lighting up her world in ways neither of us could of imagined five years ago.

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A field and a dog

I took Tala out for a casual walk this evening, scoping out shoot spots in preparation for Kim and Jonah’s engagement shoot tomorrow.  Well, not only did we find a beautiful site that I think they’ll love, but we found one that Tala was also crazy for.














Virginia and Kevin

As I start to develop my own professional business I have noticed my good fortune in the friends I keep and their willingness to let me photograph them.  Here’s a sneak of Virginia & Kevin’s Couple Shoot from this morning.  If you want to see more, check out the official Birch Light Photography site by clicking the first photo!

Bangor Folk Festival 2012

I had the pleasure of spending the evening at the Bangor Folk Festival and couldn’t have enjoyed it more.  The  music was infectious, the people charismatic, and atmosphere utterly contagious.  I captured a few shots while there, primarily at the Dance Pavillion, which was by far my favorite spot.  The band we saw, Cheick Hamala Diabate, had such energy and zest few could resist the urge to jump up and move to their music.


The Mall

I presently work for the University of Maine, but part of my day gives me the opportunity to walk through campus.  I had the forethought to bring my camera and take a few quick shots today.  It’s slightly sad that most students don’t get to enjoy UMaine when it’s teeming with life!

Hello world!

Hello all!

As my first post, I want to let you all know how terrifically excited I am to embark on this business and personal adventure!  I am sure there will be moments I will get lost in the confusion of technology, but bear with me as I share with you the delights I see through small pieces of glass and my adventures to capture them!

I’ve also created a website that houses my photo galleries.  You can browse these and even purchase prints and other merchandise if you so choose.

I appreciate feed back and suggestions, so please feel free to browse around and tell me what you think.  I’ll try and keep you all updated on events and work I do as I move forward.

Thanks for stopping by!